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Cellular Health Analysis (Sunshine Coast)

Measure your unique physical and emotional energies against your vibrational frequency.

A Cellular Health Analysis involves the use of a machine which reads the electromagnetic vibrations from your body at a cellular level and detects imbalances or weaknesses within the organs and body systems.

The scan in non invasive, inexpensive, takes 60 seconds, and assesses the health and vibrational frequency across a wide range of parameters which includes;

28 Day Parasite Cleanse

Do you or your family have parasites?

This silent epidemic can trigger weight gain, fatigue, increase anxiety, cause chaos to digestion, imbalance hormones, and fuel sugar cravings.

The Parasite Cleanse comes complete with everything you need to rid your body of nutrient robbing, energy zapping bugs.  

PLUS - Support & Guidance every step of the way. 

Start feeling better TODAY! 

Think you have a parasite or worm infection? Read on to find how to treat the problem naturally.

3 Day Miracle Liver Cleanse

The liver is the chief detoxifier for the body and is constantly getting overworked.  Environmental toxins (polluted air and water), lifestyle choices, medications, chemicals, stress, and busyness all contribute to an overworked liver.  inadequate rest. 

The body forms gallstones for our protection by preventing the toxins from being absorbed through the intestinal wall and back into our bodies.  Our bodies function well when following this design, until they become clogged with too many gallstones.

What People Are Saying

I did Rebecca’s parasite cleanse last month, lost 5.3 kgs, and all my cravings, was not hungry at all, every single recipe was delicious, would highly recommend it to everyone.

Patricia Spencer

After being sick for months with no answers I spoke to Rebecca and started a parasite cleanse. To my surprise I immediately felt better. I stopped having sugar cravings, which was massive for me.  Rebecca is so passionate about ensuring you reach your ultimate health potential, it’s infectious. She supports you and makes sure you have all the information and knowledge, so you can make better choices when it comes to nutrition and supporting your body/health. I have changed my entire lifestyle and I am now sugar/wheat/yeast and mostly dairy free. I would never have done this in the past. I no longer suffer from constant headaches or vertigo and I have unintentionally lost 3kg! Do yourself a massive favour and talk to Rebecca !!

Kym Wolpert

I am so grateful for Rebecca’s advice in healthy eating and regular cleansing. She helped me on my journey, not only to achieving my goal weight, but also discovering true wellness and vitality. I have learnt so much about food and the importance it plays in my overall being.  

Melita Briggs

What an amazing workshop for the Parasite cleanse. Highly recommend to all. Learnt so much valuable info. Very much looking forward to an appointment to help heal our family. Thank you so much for all your help so far!


Rebecca, I am super excited to journey with you to step towards super health. I feel you are the person i have been looking for and are so perfect to assist me at this time and are so deeply grateful.


After completing the cleanse I felt so much better.  I have def learnt a different way of eating that I thought I could never do.  Im making so many changes with food choices, it’s so exciting, and I’m enjoying every minute of coming up with different dishes to keep me going. I don’t miss meat at all so far. I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead.

I had a kidney ultrasound done last week, and the cyst that was growing has now started to shrink. I’m so thrilled, I’m putting it down to clean healthy eating, it’s made me so much more determined to keep going and just enjoy my new lifestyle.. I couldn’t be happier..Thank you!

Stacey Hager

If you have health issues that nothing seems to work for….this lady knows her stuff!! Get along to see her speak or book an appointment for a private consult.. Rebecca is AMAZING!!!

Sarah Nadine Rogers


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Why a balanced diet is important for YOUR Liver

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